Corporate Profile

Corporate name: Argo Global Lending Corporation

Founded: 2019

Capital: Php 15,000,000.00

Office: 5F-B AO-United Life Building, 837 A. Arnaiz Ave., Legazpi
Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1229

President: Hirotaka Todo
Director: Shigeru Suzuki
Director: Jose A. Rueda
Director: Walter Robin C. Go
Director: Kristine R. Ferrer


ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION does not solicit loans to unspecified individuals by direct mail, brochures, phone calls, etc., nor do we ask customers to pay money in the name of loan guarantees, etc. If you receive any suspicious notice or communication in the name of ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION, please do not immediately accept the request, but rather confirm it with us or contact the police or other relevant authorities.

ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION only communicates through its official channels and not through third party accounts.