A proven track record in all facets of finance

Years of experience in acquiring, structuring and exiting Asian distressed debt portfolios

5 Market locations across Asia: Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand

Ranked #1 Independent Servicing company of current assets in Japan (Argo Japan)

Number 1 (out of 5 FIST Corporations) recognized in the Philippines under FIST Act

Corporate Philosophy

Only with Courage and Fairness Can Risk Become Opportunity

We unlock value in the harshest times, enabling change makers to deliver growth and help revive struggling economies.

Changemakers: Clients who continue to take on challenges that bring about change in society and confront special situations.

We believe that the economy is an ecosystem whose survival is dependent on change and disruption.  Disruption causes Special Situations which  might be full of uncertainties but we believe that it is only through disruption that we can reach a new height of growth.

With courage and a spirit of fairness, Argo Group is committed on confronting Special Situations our clients face and providing them with solutions that maximize their value, revitalize their businesses and organizations, lead the economy to growth, and provide opportunities for new challenges, thereby contributing to furthering social change.

We believe that the social significance of the existence of Argo Group is by pushing change and creating disruptions through our business activities. We aim to promote the circulation of economy, funds, human resources, and know-how in the Philippines, and to breathe new life into the economy and society.


ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION does not solicit loans to unspecified individuals by direct mail, brochures, phone calls, etc., nor do we ask customers to pay money in the name of loan guarantees, etc. If you receive any suspicious notice or communication in the name of ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION, please do not immediately accept the request, but rather confirm it with us or contact the police or other relevant authorities.

ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION only communicates through its official channels and not through third party accounts.