ARGO Group’s business has always been centered from the conviction of “becoming the heart of economic circulation”. This has always been our guide in our core business which Servicing/Debt Collection which allowed us to succeed in Japan and expand in other Asian countries.

In recent years, Philippines has experienced interesting economic and social changes. For ARGO Group, these changes are viewed through the lens of opportunity. We realized that the Philippine market is always accompanied by the challenges of raising capital for growth and expansion and collecting on the services provided. Under such circumstances, ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION was born. Since 2019, ARGO GLOBAL LENDING (AGL) has been providing Financing based on Speedy and Appropriate collateral appraisal to clients.

By 2021, the Philippines was recovering from the economic ramifications of COVID-19.  In accordance to Republic Act No. 11523 or the Financial Institutions Strategic Transfer Act (FIST Act),  ARGO GLOBAL SERVICING PHILIPPINES (FIST-AMC), INC. was established. AGSP is the fourth company to hold a license in this country, following Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. We believe that we will be able to provide “MODERNIZED” SERVICING SERVICES to financial institutions that are struggling with receivables/debts by combining 20 years of knowledge and experience of the ARGO Group in the debt collection business.

ARGO Group aims to establish a corporate culture in which each and every member of both companies has a spirit of self-help, carefully assesses the expectations of society and customers, considers what can be done to meet those expectations, acts appropriately, and provides value, and builds stronger relationships of trust with all stakeholders.

We look forward to your support and patronage.

Hirotaka Todo



ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION does not solicit loans to unspecified individuals by direct mail, brochures, phone calls, etc., nor do we ask customers to pay money in the name of loan guarantees, etc. If you receive any suspicious notice or communication in the name of ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION, please do not immediately accept the request, but rather confirm it with us or contact the police or other relevant authorities.

ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION only communicates through its official channels and not through third party accounts.