Frequently asked questions

Where do I apply for a loan?

Apply at your convenience through this link or visit our office. You may also call us at (02)53101849 or email us at

What are the application requirements?

Submit a filled out online application form, details of your chosen collateral, valid identification and bank details.

What are the required documents to apply?
  • 2 government valid identifications (SSS, Passport, Driver’s License, PRC, etc.)
  • Photos of your chosen collateral
  • Copy of ORCR for automotive collateral
  • Copy of property title
  • Borrower’s bank details
What assets can be used as a collateral?

We accept high value vehicles and real estate properties as collateral subject for assessment. Our minimum accepted collateral value is Php 5,000,000.00.

How much can I borrow?

At present, you can borrow a minimum of Php 2,500,000.00.

What is the standard loan duration?

Standard loan starts for a minimum three (3) months. Long term loans are also available subject for approval.

How long before I get approved for a loan?

Get your loan when you need it. Our standard loan processing time is 5-10 business days.

How can I receive the funds?

It will be transferred to your preferred bank account via wire transfer.

Can I take a loan using a relative’s asset as collateral?

No. Only assets under the borrower’s name can be used as a collateral.


ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION does not solicit loans to unspecified individuals by direct mail, brochures, phone calls, etc., nor do we ask customers to pay money in the name of loan guarantees, etc. If you receive any suspicious notice or communication in the name of ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION, please do not immediately accept the request, but rather confirm it with us or contact the police or other relevant authorities.

ARGO GLOBAL LENDING CORPORATION only communicates through its official channels and not through third party accounts.